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Best Couples from TV’s

We saw them enjoy each other, exchange the first kiss, argue, split up and then get back together, wedged in the back of our couch. A small review of couples who have marked the small screen.

  • Lois and Clark (The new adventures of Superman)

Lois only has eyes for Superman. Anyway, Clark wants her to like him for what he is, which is a kind of Bum-Bum, with hair picked up on the back. If the story doesn’t tell if Superman blinks during sex, we still know that the couple will end up adopting a child abandoned by the Kryptonians. A funny idea.

  • Betty and Don Draper (Mad Men)

Love, money and beauty, they have everything to be happy. But Betty gets depressed and Don, the neurosis lie, hurt themselves and tear each other relentlessly behind the smoke of their 60 cigarettes daily. It doesn’t matter how much their relationship makes us feel bad: no other show has managed to make sexier than these two.

  • Annie and Eric Camden (7 at home)

Seven children and 150 moral lessons later, the Camden couple still love each other with the passion of the early days. That’s right, yeah.

  • Chuck and Blair (Gossip Girl)

Lately, nothing has gone right between the two Upper East Side lovebirds that have been running Gossip Girl’s plot for four seasons. Between love and war, these two dark manipulators carry a real curse: that of being even more beautiful together. If today Blair is fed up with their unhealthy seduction games, will she find better than the incorrigible and rich Chuck Bass, still there when she’s no longer expected? Outstanding for its height.

  • Charles and Caroline Ingalls (little house on The Prairie)

A loving wife who spends her days behind the stoves, a husband, a farmer, who works valiantly in the fields and adorable children who run across the prairie. Is that cute? Better, it’s Mormon (yes yes).

  • Hélène and Nicolas (Hélène and the boys)

Or the couple of students who never go to class but squatting all year round in a café with too much light drinking fruit juices with their eyes peeled.

  • The most refined: Hal and Lois (Malcolm)

A former skating champion father unable to give orders to his boys and a tyrannical mother about their education, the duo could only spark. But aside from these family concerns, they’re willing to bribe their children to get them out of here and buy each other a moment alone. Nice.

  • Mike and Susan (Desperate Housewives)

Or how to rehabilitate the myth of the hot plumber. We still haven’t recovered from the breakup scene at the end of the first season when Susan is cowardly dumped by Mike and ends up kneeling in despair in the middle of Wisteria Lane. Dramatic.

  • Finn and Rachel (Glee)

It is only in the series that the most popular football player in the school and the girl most hated by her classmates go out together, gathered around their passion for singing.

  • Brenda and Dylan (Beverly Hills)

She’s the daughter of a good family; he’s the bad boy his parents can’t stand. She’ll dye herself blonde, go to Mexico with him and end up getting dumped for her best friend. Life is hard in Beverly Hills.

  • Carrie and Big (Sex and the City)

When one is available, the other is not. When one wants to commit, the other is not ready. And despite Carrie’s other serious relationships with Aidan, Berger or Petrovski, we never doubted that her only true love was Mr. Big. Six seasons and two canards later, they are finally married, but we always wonder if we find him downright beautiful or frankly ugly.